Vegan Hair Gummies

Our new hair gummies are better than ever! Our new formula is made with a natural raspberry flavor and will give your hair the boost it needs. Our renewed gummies contain even more vitamins, are rich in natural ingredients and are 100% vegan. Meet our new Vegan Hair Gummies!

100% natural ingredients

    Vitamin E is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants. Vitamin E has been scientifically shown to protect hair cells from the effects of pollution and sunlight.

    Selenium is an important mineral that has been scientifically shown to care for your hair from within and keep your hair strong and radiant.

    Biotin has been scientifically shown to contribute to maintaining hair condition, shine and normal hair growth.

    Bamboo is naturally rich in the mineral Silicon. Silicon is one of the main building blocks of healthy hair. By obtaining silicon from a natural source, the absorption is higher. Traditionally, indigenous people made a brew from young bamboo shoots that they drank as a tonic for healthy and strong hair. *
    *Herbal claims are on hold with EFSA and may be used pending approval.

Vegan Hair Gummies

The ultimate boost for healthy and shiny hair!
90 gummies

1x Hair Vitamin Gummy – 24,95 €

2x Hair Vitamine Gummy – 49,80 € 39,95 € (-20%)

3x Hair Vitamine Gummy – 99,80 € - 54,95 € (-36%)

Vegan Hair Boost Pack

The ultimate boost for healthy and shiny hair!

1x Hair Vitamine Gummy + 1x Collagen Boost – 54,90 € 43,95 € (-20%)

2x Hair Vitamine Gummy + 2x Collagen Boost – 109,8 € 74,95 € (-32%)

3x Hair Vitamine Gummy + 3x Collagen Boost – 164,70 € 99,95 € (-39%)