Slim with pasta

Slimming with pasta? It might sound crazy, pasta is known for its large amount of carbohydrates, which provide many calories and also those extra pounds that you don’t want!

Carbohydrate diet

Low carbohydrate diets are hard to maintain for many people. Pasta dishes contain many calories and are the first thing you must avoid in a carbohydrate diet. But many people enjoy pasta. With Raw Pasta you still can! Enjoy your food while losing weight, which is the perfect combination!

Why slim with Raw Pasta?

Raw Pasta is truly very special. This pasta contains namely 95% fewer calories than regular pasta. With only 6 kcal per 100 grams, anyone can enjoy this almost unlimited pasta.

Will I be satisfied?

Additionally Raw Pasta is made from fibres and therefore very filling. This way the temptation to snack is greatly reduced and a nice thin body appears closer every day.