Slimming with noodles

Slimming with noodles is perhaps not the first thing you think of. But with Raw Noodles this is possible! These noodles are a true super food; it has scientifically been proven that it helps to lose weight. *

100% natural slimming noodles

Raw Noodles are made of Glucomannan, which is a vegetable fibre. It doesn’t contain any grains, gluten and additions of artificial sweeteners, flavours or colorants. Raw Noodles contain only 6 kcal per 100 grams and is a source of dietary fibre that gives a satisfying feeling. All this together makes these weight loss noodles a unique natural product that helps to clear extra pounds.

Cooking with Raw Noodles

Raw Noodles only need to be warmed up and added to your favourite vegetables and meat or fish. So you can now enjoy a delicious Asian meal. These slimming noodles are easy to prepare and are healthy!