The real truth of CleanFoods # 3

The real truth of CleanFoods # 3
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The real truth of CleanFoods # 3

Dear CleanFoodslovers,

Are you curious about what our customers think of our products? And are you curious about our products, but do you need an extra push to try them out? Or are you not yet familiar with all our products?

In this section we will collect different customer experiences, so that you get a better picture of each other and CleanFoods.

Below you can read a piece from a loyal customer.



“I started a low-carb lifestyle a year ago. For someone who ate pasta at least three times a week, this was certainly an adjustment. Fortunately, I ended up with clean foods! They made it possible for me to still enjoy a tasty pasta, but low in carbohydrates.

I always have some pasta in reserve so that I can conjure up a delicious pasta dish on the table in no time. By initially discovering the low-carbohydrate pasta and then the concept behind Cleanfoods, I discovered that all their products are low in carbohydrates and very low in fats.

Many of their products contain glucomannan, something I had never heard of, but which is truly a magical ingredient!

The raw pancakes are really my favorite! So easy and quick to make. As a snack I love to drink the latte machiato and the chocolate milk. Due to the presence of the glucomannan it fills really well. Cleanfoods has really made my life a lot easier and made my lifestyle achievable. I can enjoy tasty things like before, but much healthier.

The service is also top notch! For questions I always get a friendly and clear answer very quickly. Thank you Cleanfoods, thanks to you I have been able to lose 15kg without feeling that I am missing anything! ”


Sara can be found on Instagram with the name @ sara.mrmn


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I wish you a loving and positive day!

Love Fleur

8 June 2020