Strawberry Mousse

Strawberry Mousse
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Strawberry Mousse

This easy strawberry mouse recipe is the perfect quick and fresh dessert to make year-round. It is creamy and fluffy and perfect to serve at a dinner party, a romantic date or just for one!

Strawberry Mousse Recipe



  1. Clean and cut the strawberries into chunks.
  2. Add the strawberries, sugar, and slimsweet and puree.
  3. Split the mixture in half and place ½ of the puree aside.
  4. In a bowl add the whipping cream and beat until stiff peaks form. Fold in the raw diet. Then fold in the ½ of the puree.
  5. Between 4 small glasses add a layer of the other ½ of the strawberry puree.
  6. Top with the mousse.
  7. Refrigerate the glasses for 3 hours.
  8. Top with fresh strawberries and enjoy!



22 September 2022