Protein spread for maximum muscle growth!

Protein spread for maximum muscle growth!

Protein spread for maximum muscle growth!

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How can I ensure that my muscles grow with a protein spread? And how can I stimulate my muscle growth even more? I already eat enough protein, does this really affect me? You can read all these answers in this article.


What is protein spread?

Simply put, you spread the amount of protein in a day. This allows all proteins to be absorbed throughout the day by the body and this has a positive effect on muscle recovery and muscle building.

During a protein spread you divide your proteins into the 3 main meals per day. During these meals you ensure that you consume a “large” amount of protein. This prevents you from eating all proteins at one time of the day.


Protein spread for muscle recovery

Good timing of eating proteins leads to a better muscle recovery, this works even better if you combine this with your workouts.

During training, small tears appear in the muscle fibers. To repair these damages in your muscles you need proteins. Learn more about this topic in this article.

When you get enough protein during the day and after your workouts, your muscles will be able to recover well. A well-recovered muscle will eventually grow in combination with good training.

Even if you do not exercise intensively, you can benefit from spreading your proteins. A protein spread is also recommended for the elderly, in order to maintain the muscles as well as possible.


How can I spread my proteins well?

First of all you need to know for yourself how many proteins you need per day, we have written an article about this. Are you curious? Read it here.

The best way to spread the proteins in your food is to eat about 20 grams of protein per main meal. A main meal is your breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, you can choose to have a fourth protein just before sleeping and / or after a workout.

By eating proteins before going to sleep, your muscles can recover well at night. The same applies to eating protein after a workout, so your muscles can recover well. Do you want to know more about this? Then read this article.

The most difficult time to process 20 grams of protein is at breakfast. We have written down some examples to help you with this. Think of a bowl of cottage cheese with fruits and nuts, Slimbread with cheese or egg, oatmeal porridge with seeds and nuts or a Breakfast smoothie with protein powder.


Are you curious about more recipes? Then look here!

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21 August 2020