Let's spoil our fathers! (with DIY)

Let's spoil our fathers! (with DIY)
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Let's spoil our fathers! (with DIY)

Dear CleanFoodies,

It is almost Father's Day and therefore time to spoil our fathers! We want to be just as sweet and creative for our fathers as we were a few weeks ago on Mother's Day. Did you miss this article? Read this too! That way you may get even more ideas.

Just like on Mother's Day, we want to give our fathers the best and most fun, but also make it a fun day. For example, start with a breakfast and add a note with compliments.


1. Take time for each other

The best gift you can give is time (for each other). Make memories with your father or think together about the fun moments that you have all experienced.

For example, you can go cycling, walking, going to the beach or anything else he likes. You can also spend an afternoon practicing his hobby, for example spotting airplanes, golfing or fishing. Your dad will appreciate your interest in something he really likes.

Did you know that you can find many recipes on our site that you can make for your father? With this package make several delicious pasta recipes, bake pancakes and make a delicious mug cake within 1 minute!


2. A loving gift

What could be more fun than a gift with a thought, story or memory? For example, you can make a photo book or put a photo (of a nice moment) in a photo frame. At the back of the photo book or hidden in the photo frame you can put a letter about how you experienced that moment. This is a valuable gift that your dad can enjoy for years to come.


3. Make DIY Dad Coupons!

In addition to giving a present, we also have a fun DIY (Do-It-Yourself), because we want to put our fathers in the limelight not only on Father's Day, but also in the coming weeks.

We are going to make Papa Coupons, these are coupons, or vouchers for all kinds of things, such as doing fun things together and chores that your father would normally do.

You can download this DIY for Dad Coupons below!






I wish you a happy father's day!

Love Fleur

16 June 2020