How to overcome gym anxiety

How to overcome gym anxiety
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How to overcome gym anxiety

Gym anxiety is a real thing that stops most of us from reaching our fitness goals. Most people think the hardest part of a workout is the workout itself, but sometimes just showing up is the real hard part. From feeling judged, to not knowing what to do, to feeling inadequate, there are many reasons we may feel anxiety at the gym. 

However, it is almost always ALL in our own heads. Getting over those nervous feelings when showing up to a gym, or the embarrassment you may feel when on a new machine is all part of the process. Here are the best ways to overcome gym anxiety!

5 Ways to Overcome Gym Anxiety

  • Start slowly: Start with small quick workouts and work your way up. Go on a treadmill and walk for 15 minutes and feel out the situation. Then do some stretching and call it a workout. Work up from here.
  • Hire a trainer: Hiring a trainer is the best way to feel confident immediately! They will show you how to do everything correctly and guide you the entire way.
  • Go with a friend: Friends are a safety blanket and the perfect way to overcome gym anxiety. 
  • Do your research: Watch videos of the gym, learn how the sign-in works, get educated to make your time there less stressful.
  • Try group fitness: Group fitness takes the thinking away from you and allows you to join other people in a like-minded way. 



27 September 2022