How to lose water weight

How to lose water weight
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How to lose water weight

Ever felt extra like you gained weight overnight despite eating well and exercising? It could be that your body is holding onto excess water weight. This refers to when water builds up in your body and results in puffiness and bloating. Water weight can be super annoying because it can change how you look and feel. But luckily, there are some ways you can lose excess water weight to reduce overall body puffiness.

5 Ways to Lose Water Weight

    1. Increase potassium: Eat bananas (or any other potassium-rich fruit) or take a supplement.
    2. Watch your salt intake: a diet too high in salt can lead to water retention.
    3. Take Magnesium: Magnesium helps control water balance.
    4. Drink tea and coffee: These have diuretic effects and can help reduce water retention.
    5. Cut down on Carbs.



24 January 2023