How do I keep my motivation ?! 1/2

How do I keep my motivation ?! 1/2

How do I keep my motivation ?! 1/2

Good morning dear CleanFoodslovers,

Motivation, what a difficult subject, if I say so myself. I think everyone makes goals for themselves, for example sports and nutrition goals, but also for example “seeing friends / family more often”.

The most difficult of these charities is perseverance and this goes hand in hand with motivation. But what exactly is motivation?



1. Motivation?

Motivation literally means your desire to actually do something you want.

Are you curious how you can get and keep motivation? Keep an eye on our page in the coming weeks!


2. What goals will I set?

It is so nice to say that you have achieved your goal! But what exactly is your goal? It is important to make a well-defined and achievable goal for yourself.

Do you want to lose weight? Then this wish is not described clearly enough, after losing 3 kg you have not yet reached your goal. By making your goal more specific, it is clearer, more achievable and ultimately more fun! An example of a better goal is: I want to lose 3 kg in 2 months.


3. One, two or three goals?

It is important that you do not set too many goals for yourself. Try to focus on one, up to two things. If you cannot focus on one goal and do this with varying attention, the result will be less. You will also remain more motivated by this.


4.Why this purpose?

You have listed what you want to achieve. Now the question arises as to why you have put this intention to yourself. List for yourself the positive consequences of achieving your goal.

What did you achieve when you lost 3 kg? Maybe you fit those pants or you just feel much better in your own skin! Hang these positives in the toilet, by your bed and put a note in your wallet.

You will be reminded of your good intentions more often, you have the goal in mind and you are stronger in your shoes when making difficult decisions in a supermarket or at a party.


5. Achieve your goal (s)!

You have listed what intentions you have set and why you want this. But how are you going to do this? It is easy for yourself if you know clearly how you are going to do it.

If you know exactly what to do and when you will do it, you will create an overview for yourself, which will make you look less against your intention. If you've set a big goal for yourself, it might be helpful to break it down into smaller goals.


Read more in post deel 2 how you can keep your motivation and celebrate the victories!


I wish you the best of luck in setting your goals!

Love Fleur

28 July 2020