Hot Weather Beauty Hacks

Hot Weather Beauty Hacks
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Hot Weather Beauty Hacks

With weather and temperature changes, we must adapt and change our makeup and beauty routines too! A full face of makeup and the wrong beauty products can leave us looking and feeling under the weather. It is time to say goodbye to our makeup running off our face, sunburns and sweat stains with these hot weather beauty hacks!

Hot Weather Beauty Hacks

Moisturize Correctly

Smooth and moisturized skin is one of the most important things when it comes to your beauty routine. Your base sets the tone for your entire makeup routine and when your skin is fresh and full of moisture everything else will apply better. In the summer, opt for a moisturizer with SPF 50. 

Invest in Waterproof Makeup

Hot weather means sweating and sweating often results in running makeup. Investing in waterproof makeup will prevent the running and dripping after sweating.

Wear Less Makeup

Hot weather calls for less makeup. Embrace your natural beauty and go completely makeup free or wear only the essentials. Stick to a tinted moisturizer, mascara and lip gloss for a natural look.

Use Deodorant

One of the first things people will notice in the summer is your scent. Be sure to use deodorant and reapply when needed to stay fresh all day. 

Use a Setting Spray

A setting spray is one of the best things you can use to ensure your makeup stays on all day.



17 August 2021