6 tips to start your fitness journey

6 tips to start your fitness journey
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6 tips to start your fitness journey

Starting a healthy lifestyle can be difficult. Finding your groove in living your life as a health-conscious and aware person takes time and practice and finding your way into it is always the hardest part. Starting is always hard, but with these 6 tips, you can start your journey easier and actually stick with it.

Eating well and working out is not that easy. There are so many temptations and excuses we can make but the main thing we have to remember is that everything you do for your health is for YOU! Your future self will thank you for making small healthier changes to your life that will have a big payoff.

Don’t get caught up in seeing results instantly, small changes make big differences in time. 


6 Tips to Start Your Fitness Journey


Set a Goal

Setting goals is the best way to start your fitness journey. Your goals don’t have to be huge because when goals are too big they feel unreachable. When starting your fitness journey small goals made on a weekly or monthly basis are achievable and will help motivate you. Choose a goal that fits your lifestyle best.


Choose a Focus

When you start a fitness journey all the potential changes to your current lifestyle can be overwhelming. That is why it is best to start with a focus - this can be any positive lifestyle change that makes for a healthier lifestyle. For some, this is cutting out dessert and focusing on eating healthier, for others walking instead of taking the elevator, or some might look to quit smoking. 


Plan Ahead

In any lifestyle journey, there will be obstacles along the way. Planning ahead is the best way to prepare for any obstacles they could arise. For example, a big birthday party is coming up in 2 weeks and you know you will be eating unhealthy and drinking. You can prepare for this by researching healthier alcohol alternatives, eating more vegetables, and filling up so you are less tempted by dessert. 


Don’t be too hard on yourself

We are human and sometimes we slip up or make small mistakes. This is normal and to be expected. Don’t be too hard on yourself when this happens. If you have one "off" day when you eat a little unhealthy it isn’t the end of the world! You can get right back on track tomorrow and remember sometimes life happens and you just have to be persistent. 


Make yourself Committed 

By saying things out loud and telling people about your goals and lifestyle change it will make you more committed. It's one thing to let yourself down, but it feels much worse to let other people down. By telling your friends, family, or partner about your fitness and health goals you will be more likely to stick to it. 


Reward yourself

Rewards are a great source of motivation. Sometimes setting goals with rewards will motivate you that extra little bit to kick start your healthy lifestyle journey. Your rewards can be anything you’d like. For example, getting new jeans once you lose a little weight, or getting a new phone if you don’t eat sweets for a month. 


Use these 6 tips to guide and motivate your new healthy lifestyle change. And remember to keep pushing, it is beyond worth it.





15 September 2020