5 Natural Anxiety Remedies

5 Natural Anxiety Remedies
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5 Natural Anxiety Remedies

Feeling anxious is extremely common, especially recently. With the future being so unknown and confusing, finding yourself in an anxiety-filled state is easy. However, there are some ways to reduce this so you can go on and live your life without being in a constant state of stress. We have put together a list of some of the best natural remedies for anxiety for you to try! 

These natural remedies are a great first step before getting any medication for anxiety. If your feelings don’t improve it is best to visit your doctor to get professional help.


5 Natural Anxiety Remedies


Herbal Remedies

There are certain herbs that can help you feel calmer and alleviate feelings of anxiety. Some of these are lavender, chamomile, kava, and lemon balm. You can find these herbal remedies in many forms - like essential oils, pills or teas. Sometimes just smelling these herbs has a calming effect that is pretty powerful.



Hemp-derived CBD has become one of the most popular natural anxiety-fighting remedies on the market. CBD has little to no THC, meaning you won’t get high using it but you will feel the effects throughout your body. Various studies have shown that CBD can help with anxiety, pain, insomnia, and much more. You can find CDB in many forms: liquid drops, chocolates, gummies and even lotions. 



Meditation is a mindfulness practice that involves sitting and focusing on calm thoughts to remove the chaos from your mind. Studies have shown that meditation can relieve anxiety symptoms and make you feel more relaxed. The best way to get into meditation is through guided practice. You can find many youtube videos with teachers guiding you through it, and even some apps too!



The power of exercise is something that you should not underestimate. Exercise triggers your body to release endorphins which are natural hormones that make you feel good. Even just going for a 30 minute walk can help you feel calmer. 



Studies have shown that writing down your thoughts and feelings can make anxiety feel more manageable. Get a journal and write for 5 minutes every morning and see how much better you feel.




11 May 2021