5 Day Leg Challenge for Toned Legs

5 Day Leg Challenge for Toned Legs
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5 Day Leg Challenge for Toned Legs

September is the month of LEGS! We want everyone to put a strong focus on getting their legs toned and in shape for the final few days of dresses and skirts and in preparation for winter vacations to the beach. We have put together a 5 day leg challenge that is made to burn your legs and activate all your muscles!

You will be quite sore after the 5 days but you can take a two day rest day to recover and then start again. Our leg challenge is meant to be repeated as much and as often as you’d like (we recommend 3x in one month for best results). This challenge will target every part of your legs so you will get some muscle rest while other parts of your legs muscle groups are being targeted on different days.

5 Day Leg Challenge

Day 1: Quads

  • 45 minutes cycling
  • 15 lunges on each leg x3 
  • 30 squats x3

Day 2: Calves

  • 30 minutes jumping rope 
  • 40 Standing calf raises x3
  • 30 Elevated calf raises x3

Day 3: Hamstrings

  • 40 minutes Cardio row
  • 20 deadlift x3
  • 40 glute bridge x3

Day 4: Glutes

  • 45 minutes inclined walk
  • 20 fire hydrant on each side x3 
  • 30 banded glute bridge x3

Day 5: All

  • 20 minute run
  • 20 minute cycling
  • 20 walking lunges x3
  • 15 squats x3
  • 20 calf raises x3 



14 September 2021